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New markets opening up for Ukrainian apples

Updated: Jan 27, 2018

Belarus and other Baltic countries used to be the largest market for apple exporters from Ukraine, but nowadays export has also expanded to countries such as the UK, the UAE, Sweden and Germany, with eyes on expanding to new markets as well.

Maxim Kulik, an Independent Ag Consultant in Ukraine, said that with the apple shortages expected all over Europe, they have received inquiries from buyers across the EU, such as the UK, France and Sweden. They are willing to sign new contracts for the apples, but are not willing to set the price just yet.

Domestically, Ukraine did experience losses from the cold weather in the early spring, but the situation differed dramatically from region to region.

“On average, losses were around 10-15%, but in some regions they saw as much as 25-40% or as little as 0%. We’ll know the true extent in the next few weeks. Production last year was between 1-1.2 million tons.” shared Maxim.

A wide range of apple varieties are grown in Ukraine, around 20, such as Semerenko, Golden and Champion, and export oriented Gala Royal, Golden Delicious, Fuji, Aidared, Granny Smith etc.

Up till now, club varieties have not been very popular in Ukraine with growers because of the license fees involved. However, I think that this will happen at some point in the next few years as the club varieties gain in popularity. Granny Smith, Royal Gala and Red Prince are the apples most commonly exported, especially because these are all well know across the EU.”

So far, Champion, Semerenko, Aidared and Golden have been the most popular in  the domestic market, but Maxim said that Fuji, Pinova and Gala have been quickly gaining popularity, “With each passing year, consumers continue to try new varieties and their taste preferences are always evolving,” concludes Maxim.

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